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IXI-UMS as Info Server

With the IXI-UMS Info Server, companies can enable their customers the telephonic demand of fax documents like e.g. theater programs

Besides conventional fax server features, IXI-UMS also provides a service for the telephonic demand of fax documents.
IXI-UMS can be configured as fax polling or fax-on-demand. 

The demand of voice mails and audio files is possible as well.

In order to make use of the IXI-UMS Info Server, the IXI-UMS Services Fax and Info must be installed and the respective configurations at the IXI-UMS Kernel must be carried out.

Fax Polling and Fax-on-Demand

For the realization of an Info Server, two variants are available to companies:

Fax Polling allows the direct polling of fax documents when the caller dials the respective extension number and the wanted document is transmitted to a fax machine.

With Fax-on-Demand, the caller can choose and call-up the wanted document by means of a voice-driven menu und abrufen. The selection of the respective menu item is via DTMF.