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Messaging server and serVonic‘s IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server collaborate with the IP Centrex on-premises by means of SIP and T.38 or SoftFax
Messaging server and serVonic‘s IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server collaborate with the IP Centrex on-premises by means of SIP and T.38 or SoftFax

IP Centrex and Unified Messaging On-Premises

When a company makes use of IP Centrex and installs the messaging system as well as the unified messaging solution in-house, IP Centrex and the UM-solution collaborate via the same interfaces and protocols like with “IP Centrex and Unified Messaging in the cloud”: T.38, SoftFax and G.711. There are no changes for the user as well: He receives, sends, processes and administers all sorts of messages – e-mails, faxes, voice mails and short messages (SMS) – with his regular e-mail client. The more common variant for companies at the moment is to maintain messaging including unified messaging in-house also when IP Centrex is used. Not only remains the administration of the messaging system in-house, but the data are protected as well. When the employees exchange data with each other, e.g. by e-mail, fax or voice mail, these data remain in-house. If the messaging system – as well as the IP Centrex – is moved to the cloud, the internal electronic communication thus is vulnerable to unauthorized third-party access.

IP Centrex - Yes or No?

However, the sheer technical possibility to move the PBX to the cloud is not an argument for doing so. When a new PBX shall be selected for the company, various solutions are available: conventional ISDN-based PBX, IP-PBX, hybrid solution or IP Centrex. In order to be able to make a decision, the company should define the requirements first. If the PBX on-premises as well as the PBX on-demand are suitable, it must be clarified whether the company is willing in principle to outsource data. If so, the advantages and disadvantages of IP Centrex should be weighed out and assessed: When a company decides in favor of IP Centrex, it does not have to take care of installation, administration or maintenance, but always has the current version of the PBX at its disposal and pays a monthly rate, depending on the number of users. When the company buys a PBX, not only the costs arise for the purchase, but also for installation, administration, administration and the respective updates. In return, the company can adjust the PBX to individual needs, the influence in the field of IP Centrex here are lesser. However, virtual PBX’s like IP Centrex are scalable to a great extent; this means no capacity bottlenecks occur. Only one network for voice and data is required. This is the case as well when a company makes use of an IP-PBX on-premise.


The cloud-topic has grown into the PBX-world. Software as well as PBX are available in the cloud. Companies so can outsource almost their entire ITK-equipment. When a company focuses on standards with the selected cloud-solutions, the same is valid as for on-premises solutions: With standard-based solutions, a company is more flexible and well prepared for the future. It can change or add components, switch the cloud-provider, maintain components in-house or change the ITK-structures otherwise. The communication between the components works smoothly, no matter which components are in the cloud or installed on-premises now or in the future.

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As of: July 2013

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Expert Comment.... (Part 2)

A company that wants to move the messaging system, the UM-Server and the PBX in different variants to the cloud thus should not forget about the closeness of the messaging components to each other: Whereas messaging system and UM-server collaborate in manifold ways, the contact with the PBX is limited to dial-up and the transmission of the voice-, SMS- as well as the fax-data. That’s why we recommend purchasing the messaging components together on-demand or installing them on-premises. Furthermore, companies should take care that all the solutions are based on standards and that the UM-solution supports the advantages of IP Centrex. A lot of companies, for example, value their extraordinary scalability. Our unified messaging server IXI-UMS here also offers the flexible and unlimited upgrading in terms of performance and number of users.