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serVonic’s UC-Solutions for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

IXI-UMS 5.90 and IXI-PCS 1.21

serVonic‘s UC-solutions IXI-UMS and IXI-PCS for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
serVonic‘s UC-solutions IXI-UMS and IXI-PCS for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8

Olching, 5th November 2012: serVonic’s Unified Communications solutions for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server 5.90 and IXI-PCS Professional Call Server 1.21 as always are reliable and professional. “We have tested our software solutions with the new Microsoft operating systems extensively,” says Jochen Klein, CEO at serVonic. “As expected, the current versions of IXI-UMS and IXI-PCS – server- as well as client-side – work perfectly to the full extent.“ All the UC-features – Fax, Voice, SMS, CTI, IM and Presence – therefore are available to the user also under Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

”It goes without saying that our customers can use IXI-UMS and IXI-PCS also after an update to the freshest version of the Microsoft operating system,” Jochen Klein points out. “Whereas the interface of the client operating system Windows 8 has changed a lot, the look-and-feel of the client-side of serVonic’s solutions remains the same.” The user can also use serVonic’s fax printer driver and the IXI-UMS Client Tools under the new Microsoft operating system as usually: He can send faxes and text messages (SMS) directly out of the Microsoft Outlook Contacts, for example; he can make use of the features Auto fax, mail merge fax and collect faxes as well as send faxes out of any application. With the IXI-PCS Client, all the common CTI-features as well as a partner bar, instant messaging and presence management are available to the user.

The components relevant for the installation on the Windows Server – IXI-UMS Kernel and Connector as well as IXI-PCS Server – can also be installed under the new Windows Server 2012 without difficulty. With its UC-solutions IXI-UMS for unified messaging and IXI-PCS for Computer Telephony Integration, serVonic supports all the current Microsoft operating systems in 32Bit and 64Bit.

Prices and Availability

The current version of serVonic’s IXI-UMS is available at serVonic and sales partners for prices beginning at 650 Euros, the current version of IXI-PCS for prices beginning at 393.25 Euros (plus legal VAT, if applicable).

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