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serVonic Transfers Callers via IVR

IXI-UMS Auto Attendant in a new version

With serVonic’s IXI-UMS Auto Attendant, companies can determine a With serVonic’s IXI-UMS Auto Attendant, companies can determine a transfer menu comfortably by means of a tree structure and choose different actions time-dependent on calendar basis

Olching, 10th August 2011: serVonic completely reworked its IXI-UMS Auto Attendant software: The new version 5.85 enables companies to set up the telephone exchange even simpler and more comfortable. The users can determine the transfer menu including submenus in a tree structure, in which the texts, prompts and wait music are deposited. Prompts can be recorded via telephone or headset and be stored at the respective menu item directly. Calendar entries are of use for processing time-dependent events with the transfer structure. IXI-UMS Auto Attendant transfers the callers via IVR – Interactive Voice Response.

When a company makes use of an automatic telephone exchange such as IXI-UMS Auto Attendant, no call is lost any more, every call is accepted automatically. serVonic’s software accepts an incoming call and plays a welcome text, for example: “Hello, you have reached company xyz.“ After that, the caller has several options at his disposal to be transferred to the wanted department. “Please press 1 to be transferred to the sales department, 2 for the support department” and so on. Depending on what he chooses, the user is forwarded to a submenu with further options. “For general sales requests, please press 1. For questions around the IXI-UMS Auto Attendant, please press 2 for IXI-PCS, please press 3.” For calls that come in outside the regular office hours, you can configure settings depending on time and occasion with the IXI-UMS Auto Attendant: For holidays, weekends and company holidays, you can set up calendar entries and the IXI-UMS Auto Attendant software plays the respective prompt.


IXI-UMS Auto Attendant can be deployed stand-alone as telephone exchange or in combination with IXI-UMS Unified Messaging. Precondition for the use is a machine with Windows operating system and IXI-UMS Kernel Version 5.85. IXI-UMS Auto Attendant can communicate with ISDN-based PBX’s as well as with hybrid- or IP-based PBX’s.

Prices and Availability

The IXI-UMS Auto Attendant Version 5.85 is available at serVonic and sales partners for prices beginning at 1.090 Euro plus legal VAT, if applicable.

Press Contact

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serVonic GmbH
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