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New IXI-UMS Version 5.90

serVonic Offers Improved Unified Messaging for Large Enterprises

serVonic’s unified messaging solution IXI-UMS unifies all the messages – e-mails, faxes, voice mails and text messages (SMS) – within one user interface, like in the example with Microsoft Outlook
serVonic’s unified messaging solution IXI-UMS unifies all the messages – e-mails, faxes, voice mails and text messages (SMS) – within one user interface, like in the example with Microsoft Outlook. Source: serVonic GmbH

Olching, 3rd April 2012: The new version 5.90 of the fax- and unified messaging-solution IXI-UMS is available now. serVonic has realized numerous improvements especially for large enterprises with complex administrative structures, several sites and multiple Organizational Units (OU’s): Enhanced possibilities in terms of high availability and higher performance, flexible design and fax possibilities as well as a secure and individual remote inquiry with time-dependent voice box announcements round off IXI-UMS 5.90.

High Availability and Performance

The administrator now can enter three further LDAP-servers for the extended user look-up and the LDAP-search. When an LDAP-server fails, the next one is used automatically. This guarantees the UM-functionality even if one or several LDAP-server(s) fail(s). Another innovation in the fields of high availability is the hard disk monitoring: The user is informed when there is no more hard disk capacity. Moreover, it is possible in the version 5.90 to enter single OU’s for the LDAP-search. The administrator defines, in which OU’s the required information for the exchange of the UM-messages can be found. Large enterprises with extensive Active Directories benefit from a distinct increase in performance.

Flexible Design and Fax Possibilities

More individual design possibilities of the fax cover page as well as enhanced fax possibilities are further highlights of the new IXI-UMS version. Depending on the recipient number, different fax cover pages are added to the fax message. For example: A German cover page is inserted for all the recipient numbers starting with +49, an English one for all the recipient numbers starting with +44. This is an advantage especially for globally active enterprises: The fax recipient automatically receives a fax cover page in the right language.

Moreover, individual fax cover pages can be used: The administrator determines the fields with the required information for the fax cover page – according to the needs or wishes of the users. That way, site-individual fax cover pages can be created, for example. In addition to that, the administrator now can adjust the sending- and reception-reports of all the UM-messages individually in form and content. The AFP Application Fax Printer which is new in IXI-UMS Version 5.90 allows the automated sending of faxes out of applications such as CRM and ERP.

Increased Security, Improved Remote Inquiry, Time-Dependent Announcements

In the fields of remote inquiry, IXI-UMS 5.90 offers increased security and flexibility. The Enhanced Voice Package of the new IXI-UMS version supports IMAPS: The users access their messages in Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2007 from on the way by means of an encrypted connection. The administrator can determine the order of the announcements when accessing the UM-messages. The user can set up an individual profile for off-hours and breaks: In accordance with the times the user entered as break or off-hours, the respective announcement is played when a call comes in.

Prices and Availability

The new IXI-UMS Version 5.90 is available at serVonic and sales partners for prices beginning at 650.00 Euro (plus legal VAT, if applicable).

Press Contact

Angelika Huber
serVonic GmbH
Ilzweg 7
82140 Olching
Phone: +49 8142 4799-12