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Universal Exchange Connector, enhanced profiles, more flexible reports and Client Web Journal

The new IXI-UMS Version 6.30 offers the users a browser-based Web Journal with different options for the various UM-messages. Screenshot: serVonic GmbH

Olching, 9th March 2016: At CeBIT 2016 in Hanover, Germany, serVonic presents version 6.30 of its IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server. A universal IXI-UMS Exchange Connector for all the versions, additional profiles for IXI-UMS Mobile, a Client Web Journal as well as more flexible reports – these are the essential innovations. “Not only do we offer more comfort to the IXI-UMS users again with the new version, but we also simplified the integration into the Microsoft Exchange environment,” explains Jochen Klein, General Manager at serVonic GmbH. “With only one IXI-UMS Exchange Connector, the customer can make use of Unified Messaging with all the Microsoft Exchange versions.”

serVonic IXI-UMS 6.30 is presented at the estos partner booth at ALLNET in hall 13, booth C57.

IXI-UMS Exchange Connector
In the new version 6.30 of IXI-UMS, serVonic united all the versions of the IXI-UMS Exchange Connector to only one. The unified messaging server then is able to communicate with all the Exchange versions via one single IXI-UMS Exchange Connector. As always, IXI-UMS makes use of the available messaging architecture with databases, Active Directory, Message Transfer Agent and e-mail client. The administrator works with the familiar tools. The users can send, receive, administer and process the new sorts of messages – faxes, voice mails, short messages (SMS) – intuitively with the regular e-mail client.

Mobile Profiles
In the version 6.30 of IXI-UMS, new IXI-UMS Mobile Profiles are provided to the user. In addition to the present profiles “Work, Mobile, Home, Vacation“, the user can determine further profiles individually, according to his requirements. He can define per profile, whether the call is forwarded to a phone number or whether the caller can leave a message. He can deposit different voice box announcements for each.

Web Journal
The new lXI-UMS Client Web Journal offers the single user a browser-based detailed overview of the IXI-UMS messages he sent and received. Here he can have all the relevant data displayed, concerning sending and reception. He can print and store faxes and short messages including sending reports. He can listen to voice box messages. He logs in at the respective database with his user name and password; then the information is detected by means of the e-mail address of the sender and the IXI-UMS recipient number.

More Flexible Reports
The sender identification, the sending reports as well as the OCR-text can be displayed in HTML-format with IXI-UMS 6.30. Moreover, the user can choose the language, in which he wants to receive the reports. The following languages are available: German, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. Apart from that, the reports about the delivery of the UMS-messages can be switched off user-individually. These new, more flexible options are available for all the SMTP-based IXI-UMS Connectors like the IXI-UMS Exchange Connector.

Prices, Availability and Further Information
The new version 6.30 of serVonic’s IXI-UMS software will be available at serVonic and sales partners in April for prices beginning at 650 Euro (plus legal VAT, if applicable). For further information, please visit serVonic at CeBIT 2016 at the estos partner booth at ALLNET (hall 13, booth C57).

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