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Perfect Team for Unified Messaging and IP-Telephony: Huawei Enterprise and serVonic Announce Partnership

The German producer serVonic GmbH and the Chinese company Huawei Technologies Enterprise Business Group now offer common solutions in the field of telephony.

Huawei’s PBX’s of the series eSpace as well as the U1980 offer the classical features of an IP-PBX, serVonic’s IXI-UMS adds the features for Voice, MWI and Fax. The users that way cannot only send, receive and manage their e-mails, but also voice mails and fax messages within their regular e-mail client. MWI – Message Waiting Indication – displays on the telephone whether voice mails are available in the messaging system. The IXI-UMS Kernel works behind the respective IP-PBX from Huawei Enterprise, which establishes the connection to the PSTN. serVonic and Huawei Enterprise so offer a complete UCC-solution to their customers Europe-wide.

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