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IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server for Microsoft Office 365 - now just easier

Using the serVonic Fax Connect Edition for Microsoft Online Services Office 365, customers are able to receive incoming faxes in their Exchange Online mailbos, and to send faxes from there.

Connecting IXI-UMS to Microsoft Office 365 is now even more comfortable with the current Office 365 Version: With older Versions you had to set a Special Domain Entry in the Internet DNS for sending faxes to activate the perfect cooperation between IXI-UMS and Microsoft Exchange Online: e.g. @fax.customerdomain.com 

With the current Microsoft Office 365 Version, an Exchange Server 2013 is in use. Customers have now the Access to the „SendConnectors“ and can  - right the same as with an inhouse-installed Microsoft Exchange Server - make the Routing entry to their locally installed IXI-UMS Server on their own.

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