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Available now: serVonic IXI-UMS Version 6.0 - Ready for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and IPv6

As announced, the new IXI-UMS Version 6.0 is available now. With Version 6.0, it is all about modernization, future-orientation and implementation of customers’ requirements:

  • Integration into Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

  • Ready for Microsoft Office 2013

  • Support of Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8

  • Released for the SAP-system Landscape Directory

  • Technical re-design by IXI-Framework 4
    with new database, new web server and new OpenLDAP

  • Advanced 64Bit support

  • Security by SSL/TLS encryption

  • IPv6

  • Individual fax headline

  • Periodical printing of unread faxes

  • Enhanced Readout Features with Coverpage RecipientInfo and Coverpage SenderInfo

  • Additional MWI-variant, independent of the PBX

For further information, please have a look at our Press Release


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