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Unified Messaging as Managed Service

IXI-UMS for Faxes, Short Messaging and Emergency Mode

by Sibylle Klein | serVonic GmbH | Public Relations

Practical Example: A leading service provider provides serVonic's Unified Messaging Server solution IXI-UMS in its EDPC for a public authority. 

The unified messaging features for Fax and SMS are highly available, IXI-UMS works with several Kernel Servers at S2M and direct line to the SMSC of "Deutsche Telekom". 120 channels are available for the fax and short messaging communication of the employees, 30.000 messages per month are processed via IXI-UMS.

One of the special requirements of the public authority as customer was an emergency mode, which serVonic implemented for the emergency case "High watermark": If the system changes to emergency mode, only persons with special permissions can use IXI-UMS for fast and reliable communication.

Project planning, realization and operation of the solution are in the hand of the well-known service provider, which operates the EDPC for the public authority.

The unified messaging solution of the German software manufacturer serVonic covers the challenging requirements of the overall-architecture. 

These criteria were crucial for the decision in favor of serVonic's unified messaging server:

  • Seamless integration into the existing Microsoft Exchange cluster environment

  • Single Store architecture:
    The only store for all messages is Microsoft Exchange Server

  • High flexibility and perfect scalability

  • High availability
    Fail-over, multi-computer concept, load balancing and pro-active monitoring

  • Alert messages like water level reports and high watermark warnings

  • Emergency mode

Use of TTS - Text to Speech - for sending voice mails has already been scheduled. Further enhancements are planned shortly.

Copyright: serVonic GmbH

As of: April 2013

Short Summary

Software Components

  • IXI-UMS Kernel with Fax and SMS
  • IXI-UMS Exchange Connector
  • IXI-UMS Render Connector
  • IXI-UMS Message Distribution Server
  • IXI-Inspector

UM as Managed Service


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