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Ideas for Home and Garden: serVonic UC at "Richard Koestner AG"

Unified Messaging and CTI at Eight Sites (Part 2)

The Use

“Richard Koestner AG” makes use of serVonic’s unified messaging solution IXI-UMS as fax server and software-based voice mail system. IXI-UMS is in operation at eight German sites. 84 employees send about 600 orders, quotes, order confirmations and advertising messages by fax and receive about 20 a day. The employees do not only send faxes directly from their e-mail client Microsoft Outlook by opening a new e-mail window, enter a fax number, write text in the e-mail body and attach a file, for example; they also make use of the IXI-UMS Client Tools for sending faxes directly out of the Microsoft Outlook Contacts: In order to do so, they mark the respective contact and choose the option “Send Fax” in the IXI-UMS Button. An e-mail window opens with the respective fax addressing. Mail merge faxes are sent out of Microsoft Word: As usual, the employees generate a mail merge document, deposit the fax addresses and choose the feature “Mail merge fax” in the IXI-UMS Button. Furthermore, the employees of “Richard Koestner AG” send faxes directly out of the deployed ERP-system proALPHA. No matter via which way or out of which application faxes are sent – the employees receive the sending report about whether the delivery of a fax to the recipient was successful or not directly in their Microsoft Outlook inbox.
Five employees of the company additionally use IXI-UMS as voice box: When a call comes in that is transferred to the IXI-UMS voice box, the caller hears the announcement of the respective user and can leave a message, which is sent to the inbox of the employee as e-mail with wav-file attachment. He can listen to the message in wav-format via soundcard or loudspeaker at the PC. If he wants to listen to the message via telephone, he chooses the option “Send to telephone” at the IXI-UMS Button.

serVonic’s CTI-solution IXI-Call (now ProCall) is used by 106 employees of “Richard Koestner AG”, integrated into Microsoft Outlook. For outgoing calls, they make use of speed- or hotkey-dialing and so dial phone numbers out of applications, contacts or directly out of the telephone journal by mouse-click or keyboard. Moreover, they can schedule calls for resubmission. For incoming calls, they make use of the features caller identification, call transfer, consultation call and call pick-up. A telephone journal displays all the calls – incoming, outgoing and missed calls. The feature Instant Messaging provides an improved in-house communication: The employees can send short text messages to each other in real-time.

Via the central IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server, the sites make use of the unified messaging features. Source: serVonic GmbH

The Technical Realization

“Richard Koestner AG” has deployed IXI-UMS in version 5.83 with 6 channels, the IXI-UMS Exchange 2003 Connector takes care of the integration into the central Microsoft Exchange Server. The employees at the sites have access to the central Terminal Server in Neustadt and use the services for Fax and Voice provided there, as well as various routing-methods: Destination-oriented outbound routing for cost optimization, services-dependent routing and comprehensive use of the services of the UM-features via the headquarter. An installation of the IXI-UMS Kernel at the sites is not required. The sites of “Richard Koestner AG” are connected via Managed Network, at the sites and the headquarter, different types of Siemens HiPath PBX’s are operated. The connection of the ERP-system proALPHA to the Terminal Server is realized via TAPI or Multiline TAPI.

The CTI-solution ProCall in version 3.0 is deployed at “Richard Koestner AG” for 106 users. The software is installed on a Celeron 3,2 – XP-Professional machine and is also used with Windows Terminal Server.

Stefan Strauch, Project Manager at "CANCOM NSG GmbH" in Nuremberg
Stefan Strauch, Project Manager at "CANCOM NSG GmbH" in Nuremberg. Source: CANCOM NSG GmbH

serVonic’s software for Unified Communication including all the components has been installed together with the company “CANCOM NSG GmbH”, Certified Sales Partner of serVonic, in a short period of time. “Richard Koestner AG” was able to work with serVonic’s UC-solutions immediately,” Stefan Strauch, Project Manager at “CANCOM NSG GmbH” in Nuremberg, explains. “The employees were able to use the new UM- and CTI-features intuitively.”


“To this day, we are highly satisfied with the decision in favor of serVonic’s solutions,“ Jochen Schmitt sums up. “Above all, we are impressed by the feature MultiSite: We so can send and receive faxes in a cost-effective manner without a lot of effort.“ With serVonic’s solutions, “Richard Koestner AG” was able to achieve all its goals like improving processes in sales and purchasing as well as the integration into the existing IT-infrastructure with Terminal Server and ERP-system. Furthermore, the employees now have a lot of additional useful features at their disposal that simplifies their daily working routine.

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