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Virtual Faxing without End

IXI-UMS in use at Emil Färber GmbH & Co. KG (Part 2)

The employees of Emil Färber GmbH & Co. KG use distribution lists directly in Microsoft Outlook for sending one fax message to several recipients at once Screenshot: Emil Färber GmbH & Co. KG

The use

Emil Färber uses the serVonic Unified Messaging solution IXI-UMS as a pure Fax-Sending-Server. IXI-UMS is in use in two locations in Germany, one in Emmendingen and one in Mengen. In Emmendingen, about 50 employees use the fax service for sending about 600 faxes per day. Most of the faxes contain promotion, customer information, orders and complaint management. In Mengen, 8 employees use the serVonic Software for sending about 50 faxes – orders and promotion - per day.

The employees of the Färber company send their faxes directly out of Microsoft Outlook and use the Microsoft Outlook distribution lists for addressing: The employees can create several distribution lists with only fax addresses or mixed fax and e-mail addresses: When the employee wants to send an information to the customers, he has to create a new e-mail, select the corresponding distribution list as address, write or copy the text into the message and/or attach one or more files. A simple click on “Send” brings the message on its way. To prevent sending junk faxes, the company uses the IXI-UMS Outbound Blacklist. This list contains all fax numbers which should not receive any messages – optionally with a reason for the restriction. If a fax is sent to a distribution list containing a fax number from the Blacklist, the originator will get a Non-Delivery Report with the respective reason.

IXI-UMS at the branch offices in Emmendingen and Mengen is virtualized on a VMware Server, integrated into Microsoft Exchange 2003, the bintec Router provides the Remote CAPI

The Technical Realization

The Färber Company at the location Emmendingen uses the serVonic IXI-UMS solution in Version 5.81 with 8 channels as virtualized solution on a VMware Server. Emil Färber started with two fax channels in the year 1999. For handling the increasing fax demand, the company upgraded the number of channels to four in 2009 and to eight in 2010. The IXI-UMS Exchange Connector provides the seamless integration into the existing Microsoft Exchange 2003 environment. Two Teldat (formerly Funkwerk EC) bintec R3000 Routers equipped with fax modules provide the connection to the ISDN PBX Telekom Octopus F650 via Remote CAPI.

At the location Mengen, Emil Färber replaced a previous fax solution with serVonic’s IXI-UMS Fax Server in 2009. There is a SBE Small Business Edition of IXI-UMS Server in Version 5.80 with two channels for 10 users installed on a virtual VMware Server. The IXI-UMS Connector provides the seamless integration into Microsoft Exchange 2003. IXI-UMS works behind a Siemens PBX HiPath 3750. Another Teldat bintec Router R3000 equipped with the fax module provides the smooth interaction between the virtualized serVonic UM Server and the ISDN PBX.

Installing the software in a virtual environment at the two locations did not generate any severe problems. „There were only little and slight problems, which could be solved right away by help of the cooperative and professional technicians at serVonic “, Michael Kerber resumes.


Emil Färber GmbH & Co. KG has not only hit the target „faster and better information flow “, but has also complied with the requirement „Integration into virtual environment“. Thanks to the open CAPI of serVonic’s IXI-UMS solution on the one hand and the Remote CAPI of Teldat’s bintec Router on the other hand, the company Emil Färber runs a Fax Server completely virtualized. „We are really very satisfied with the fax server solution Fax server IXI-UMS to date “, says Detlef Leonhardt. „Instead of sending information via mail or fax device in a complicated and time-consuming way, we are now able to reach our colleagues, customers, potential customers and suppliers in a short time and in a more comfortable and more effective way.“

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