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IXI-UMS Voice - Your Personal Voice Box at the Workstation

IXI-UMS, the high-performance unified messaging server software from serVonic, supports the Service Voice. Therewith, you can make use of IXI-UMS as voice box directly at the workstation; you can deposit individual announcements and listen to incoming voice mails by telephone at the workstation or by mobile phone from on the way. 

The Service Voice of the IXI-UMS Server can be used stand-alone or as part of a whole unified messaging system with IXI-UMS, which integrates the services Fax, Voice, SMS and Mobile (remote inquiry) into a messaging system. That way, you get all the messages (voice mails, faxes, e-mails or SMS) in one system and do not have to use different access possibilities and mails stores.

With IXI-UMS and the services Voice and Fax, you e.g. can receive faxes as well as voice mails on one single UMS-number. Just switch your telephone to your UMS-number when you leave the office. 

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Voice Box Announcements

Voice Box Announcements

With IXI-UMS Voice, three different voice box announcements are at your disposal.

You can use pre-defined standard announcements (general or individualized):

"Hello, you have reached the voice box of –1234. I am on vacation. Please leave a message after the tone." Every participant can record his personal announcement easily by telephone and can change it any time. For example: "You are connected with the voice box of Peter Smith at Davis & Sons. I am not available at the moment. Please leave a message after the tone."

In order to emphazise the corporate identity of a company, IXI-UMS Voice announcements from professional speakers can be deployed. You can get a list of providers specialized in the recording of professional voice announcements at serVonic. 

Left Messages

Left Messages

You receive a message that a caller left on your voice box immediately in the inbox of your messaging system. That way, you can administer your voice mails just like your e-mails with Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes, for example. T IXI-UMS Server compresses the recorded messages to a minimum in file size, with a high quality for listening to it on the phone.

Listening to Voice Mails

Listening to Voice Mails

You can listen to your voice mails in several different ways, e.g. via the sound card at your PC. The usual way with IXI-UMS Voice, however, is to listen to the voice mail via telephone. IXI-UMS here offers an add in for Microsoft Outlook, for example, with which you can easily forward IXI-UMS voice mails to your telephone. If you do not want to access your voice box at the workstation, but from on the way, just call your voice box number, e.g. by mobile phone. In order that not everybody can access your voice box, you must authenticate with your PIN-number. 

IXI-UMS Voice as Active Service

IXI-UMS Voice as Active Service

IXI-UMS Voice as service of the IXI-UMS Kernel cannot only be used as voice box, but also for the active sending of voice mails. Messages can be recorded at the telephone, for example, or just be created as e-mail text.

With the respective technical equipping of the IXI-UMS Kernel, these texts are directly converted into voice mails via TTS (Text to Speech). The sending of the voice mails, e.g. alarm messages or instructions for gritters, can be handled via established distribution lists. The number of retries for the delivery of the voice mail can be adjusted services-dependent at the Kernel. IXI-UMS can report whether the message was played completely or only in part, whether the participant hung up or was not available at all. 

Due to the IXI-UMS architecture, the sending of the voice mails can also be handled in a way that the called person reacts to the message by pressing a DTMF-key and then e.g. 1 for "OK“, 2 for "Unable to come".

Further Voice Features and Possibilities

Further Voice Features and Possibilities

In combination with IXI-UMS Mobile, you can also make use of the following possibilities with IXI-UMS Voice:

Several Announcements in Different Languages

In connection with IXI-UMS Mobile, several announcements can be deposited and they can be recorded in different languages. According to from which country a call comes in at your voice box, you can determine with IXI-UMS here, whether an English announcement, a German one or an announcement in another language shall be played.

Several Profiles

You can set up profiles so that according to the active profile "Vacation", "Office", "Mobile", a different announcement or also a call forwarding is active: "I am not available at the moment, please leave a message." "I am on vacation. You are forwarded to my colleague Mr. Smith automatically."

The active profile can be switched directly via the workstation telephone, via the mobile phone from on the way or via web browser.

Voice Box or Announcement Only

You can choose whether only an announcement shall be played on your voice box number or whether the caller shall be able to leave a message.

Call Transfer

The caller can decide whether he wants to leave a message or or wants to be transferred.

Quick Message

The caller can interrupt the voice box announcement by keystroke and leave a message on the voice box right away. The user can inform selected persons about the respective key.

Call Back

After having listened to a message, you directly can start a call back automatically.
Precondition: the respective phone number must be available, either as sender number or in an LDAP-directory, e.g. a data base.

SMS Report

After having listened to the messages, you can have them sent to your mobile phone by SMS, e.g. contact data of the sender (provided that they are stored in the respective LDAP-directory): Company name, sender, office phone number, mobile number, private phone number.

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Data Sheet

Here you can find the IXI-UMS Voice Data Sheet

Unified Messaging

With IXI-UMS, you cannot only administer your voice mails in your inbox but also faxes and SMS. IXI-UMS therewith offers you advantages of a Unified Messaging system.