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Realizing IVR-Systems with IXI-UMS

With IXI-UMS, IVR-systems can be realized easily and effectively - like here in the example status queries with orders

Interactive Voice Response Systems on the Basis of VoxML

IXI-UMS Speaks VoxML

What is an IVR-System?

Via an IVR-system, companies can provide their customers or potential customers access to information in an uncomplicated and automated way - just by telephone, so that the caller does not need any special technical equipment. IVR means Interactive Voice Response. With an IVR-system, customers just make a call and receive the respective information interactively, e.g. charge information or the status of their order. The output of the information to the caller is dynamic and automated, according to predefined processes: Depending on the choice of the caller, e.g. a data base query for the authentication or for the search for suitable order number is executed in the server system. 
This means for companies: The IVR-system can be available 24 hours daily, with little effort in personnel. The caller does not need any special techincal equipment except a telephone and receives the wanted information quickly and easily. IVR-systems for companies with frequent telephonic queries serve to reduce costs, increase customer addiction as well as information flow and to relieve of routine tasks.

How does IVR work with IXI-UMS?

With serVonic's communication solution IXI-UMS, companies have the possibility to set up automated information systems for telephonic queries in addition to unified messaging. 

Basis for the realization of such an information system is VoxML - Voice Extensible Markup Language. As XML-based description language, VoxML allows the web server-based implementation of voice dialogue applications. The IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server is the connecting link between PSTN and application logic.

Depending on the technical equipment, the information cannot only be transmitted by telephone, but also by fax, SMS or e-mail.

Supported Standards - PBX's

IXI-UMS can communicate with all the common PBX's - conventional or IP-based - because it is based on standards such as ISDN, CAPI, H.323 or SIP. A realization of information systems therewith is also possible in mixed PBX-environments.

Example for the Technical Realization: HTTP, VoxML, IVR and SQL

When a customer, for example, asks for the shipment status of an order by telephone, the IXI-UMS system automatically calls the respective web server application via HTTP. By means of IVR, the requested information can be queried by the customer. In correspondence with the result of the data base query by SQL, the web server application creates a VoxML-document with information about the status of the order. IXI-UMS interprets the VoxML-document and informs the customer via voice - either via voice units or by means of TTS (Text To Speech). After that, the customer can either pose another query or finish the call.



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