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IXI-UMS Unified Messaging for SAP-Systems


SAP R/3 - SAP ERP - SAP CRM - SAPoffice - SAP Business Suite

Flexible architecture for unified messaging: The IXI-UMS Connectors enable the integration of the solution into various system environments and complex IT-structures. That way, e.g. Microsoft Exchange Servers at the sites and central SAP-system at the head office of a company can be served with IXI-UMS as fax solution.

In order to send faxes via IXI-UMS directly out of the SAP-system, serVonic provides the IXI-UMS Connector for use with SAP® R/3®.

This Connector was certified by SAP in 2012 for the interface SAPconnect / BC-CON and for the pager interface of SAP. Therewith, unified messaging features can be added to SAP-systems such as SAP ERP® or SAP CRM® or SAP Netweaver®.

The Connector takes care of the delivery of incoming UM-messages - faxes, SMS, voice mails - (from the IXI-UMS Kernel to the SAP-system) as well as for the transport of outgoing messages (from the SAP-system to the IXI-UMS Kernel).

As mail client for the administration of the UMS-messages, SAPoffice®, Microsoft Outlook® or IBM Notes® can be used, for example. 


Unified Messaging with IXI-UMS for SAP-Systems

Due to the flexible architecture, IXI-UMS can be deployed as fax server or as unified messaging solution for SAP-systems very flexibly:

  • Faxes for example can be sent directly out of the SAP-application, the sending reports to the IXI-UMS messages (successful/remote station busy, ...) however can be directly delivered to the user's Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes inbox.
  • IXI-UMS is suitable for homogeneous and heterogeneous IT-environments. The architecture enables the operation of the solution for central as well as for local structures:
    for example for a central SAP-system and several Microsoft Exchange Servers.
  • IXI-UMS is multi-client-enabled.


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Customer Reference

Our Customer References show that IXI-UMS is deployed in numerous companies as unified messaging solution for SAP-systems.