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Flexible - Integrated - Reliable

Thanks to its flexible architecture, serVonic's IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server is suitable for small and medium-sized companies as well as for large enterprises with complex requirements:


serVonic's unified messaging solution is a pure software solution based on standards and thus can be deployed with a multitude of system environments, hardware, PBX's, mixed environments, migration scenarios.

Examples for such standards: ISDN, SIP, H.323, SMTP, IMAP, LDAP, HTTP

One of the major advantages of a standard-based solution is that it is not only suitable for the current needs of a company, but also that it is future-proof and offers protection of investment. 


As add-on solution to available IT- and PBX-environments, IXI-UMS excels by a high scalability and modularity:

  • IXI-UMS can be operated as complete unified messaging system (with the services Fax, Voice, SMS and Mobile) or as pure fax server.
  • IXI-UMS can be designed and realized for different scales - from a Small Business Edition up to large projects with several sites, different mail servers, local IT-structure, complex demands on routing, security and availability of the system.
  • Connector-concept for the integration of unified messaging and fax into diverse IT-environments and messaging systems (also mixed and with different versions, migration scenarios): Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Domino, SAP-systems, SMTP-messaging
  • Smooth connection to ISDN or VoIP-based PBX's (also networked, different types of PBX's at different sites)
  • On Premises / On Demand / As a Service
    IXI-UMS is not only suitable for in-house installations - the solution can also be deployed for cloud computing, hosting concepts, Software as a Service.