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IXI-UMS Auto Attendant

IXI-UMS Auto Attendant offers you the option to distribute callers at your telephone switchboard automatically and menu-based to respective members of staff

The automatic Telephone Exchange


Set up an automatic telephone exchange with IXI-UMS Auto Attendant - even without programming knowledge

With the IXI-UMS feature Auto Attendant, you can set up an automatic telephone exchange – even without any programming knowledge. IXI-UMS Auto Attendant directs callers to the correct contact person menu driven. The caller hears an announcement that provides several options, e.g. to whom of the sales staff he wants to be connected. You can set up the telephone exchange with IXI-UMS Auto Attendant multi-level and easily record the announcements via telephone yourself. Or the announcements are recorded by a professional speaker and imported then.

Setting up the Auto Attendant

In order to make use of the IXI-UMS Auto Attendant properly you have to decide, which announcement the caller shall hear and to whom he shall be connected by keystroke. IXI-UMS Auto Attendant supports you with a clear project-menu here. You just insert a greeting and the wanted further options in the project, determine the number(s) and the respective announcements for the forwarding. In addition to that, you can import music on hold. With the single menu items you can define, whether the caller – if the respective extension is not available – shall be forwarded to a voice box, shall be directed back to the menu or shall be connected with the switchboard.

Distribute calls automatically with IXI-UMS Auto Attendant

The users can determine the transfer menu including submenus in a tree structure, in which the texts, prompts and wait music are deposited.

Prompts can be recorded via telephone or headset and be stored at the respective menu item directly. Calendar entries are of use for processing time-dependent events with the transfer structure.

IXI-UMS Auto Attendant transfers the callers via IVR – Interactive Voice Response.


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