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Desktop Sharing, Client TAPI and New Meta Directory

Real-time collaboration with serVonic’s new IXI-PCS Version 1.40

Real-time collaboration with serVonic : In the new version 1.40, IXI-PCS Professional Call Server provides desktop sharing
Real-time collaboration with serVonic : In the new version 1.40, IXI-PCS Professional Call Server provides desktop sharing. Sketch: serVonic GmbH

Olching, 29th October 2013: The Olching-based software development company serVonic has released the new version of its Professional Call Server: IXI-PCS 1.40 allows desktop sharing, provides an improved Meta Directory and supports Client TAPI. “The consequent further development towards real-time collaboration has always been of great importance to us,” Jochen Klein, CEO at serVonic GmbH, explains. IXI-PCS is client/server software for Computer Telephony Integration, instant messaging and presence management.

Desktop Sharing

In the IXI-PCS Partner Bar, the users now have the new option “Desktop Sharing” at their disposal. They can allow other users view or control of their desktop. That way, they can work on documents or presentations together or make use of remote maintenance. In the new IXI-PCS Version 1.40, serVonic integrated desktop sharing.

Client TAPI Support

By means of IXI-PCS TSP, IXI-PCS 1.40 combines the “Dial”-buttons in applications with serVonic’s CTI-software: The user can initiate calls or make use of the Windows “Phone Dialer“ with the buttons contained in Microsoft Outlook or CRM-systems. They can use these options additionally or optionally to the call options in the IXI-PCS Client.

Meta Directory

The IXI-PCS feature “Caller Identification” now also includes contacts from the public folders of Microsoft Outlook. serVonic’s new Meta Directory replicates the public folders and contacts from Microsoft Outlook into an LDAP data base. In this data base, contact data from different data sources, e.g. LDAP, ODBC, Domino data bases or CSV/TXT, are stored in a consistent form. IXI-PCS accesses the Meta Directory for the identification of callers.

Prices and Availability

serVonic IXI-PCS 1.40 is available now at serVonic and sales partners for prices beginning at 393.25 Euro (plus legal VAT, if applicable). Contained in the price is the PBX-support, a Lync gateway, the Meta Directory as well as the client user licenses for Linux, Windows or Lync.

Press Contact

Angelika Huber
serVonic GmbH
Ilzweg 7
82140 Olching
Phone: +49 8142 4799-12