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Faxing at the PC-Workstation

serVonic IXI-UMS at WEKA Service GmbH (part 2)

Exterior view of the publishing company building. Quelle: WEKA Service GmbH

The Use

The service Fax is used by 400 WEKA-employees at the site in Kissing, at the site in Vienna, more than 100 users make use of IXI-UMS. In Kissing, 60 to 70 faxes are sent on the average daily and 130 to 140 faxes are received. The volume of faxes at the site in Vienna is distributed as in the following: About 40 faxes are sent daily, whereas about 30 faxes are received. For both the sites, the fax feature is primarily used for the ordering system. Before the decision in favor of serVonic’s solution was made, the business processes were handled with conventional fax machines. A faster and more efficient approach to working method, the savings potential and last but not least the enormous reduction of paper needed when printing all the incoming faxes are only some of the highlights and the most important improvements for WEKA, which could be achieved with IXI-UMS. In Kissing, IXI-UMS Client Tools are installed additionally, which simplify the daily working routine of the employees: Therewith, the users e.g. can send faxes via the IXI-UMS fax printer driver out of any application and make use of the mail merge fax feature directly out of Microsoft Word.

Routing and Monitoring

The IXI-UMS Service MDS – Message Distribution Server – is a useful enhancement, that takes care of an effective message distribution at both the sites: The centrally installed IXI-UMS Service MDS handles routing and transport of the UMS-messages. A delivery of the messages so cannot only be realized at the sites in the LAN or WAN, but also by means of HTTP via such ones, which are connected via any IP-connection, just like the site in Vienna. By means of IXI-UMS Outbound Routing, faxes are created at a central or local site and – in accordance with the rules set up – are sent centrally or locally via the suitable site. Apart from the support of distributed architectures with several sites, IXI-UMS MDS can also be applied in order to provide an increased high availability as well as a seamless integration into security concepts. For the support of an UM-system, it is indispensable to guarantee the smooth functionality of the system. In order to provide high availability, the necessary measures must be taken in case of a failure. In Kissing and in Vienna, the monitoring tool IXI-Inspector is installed for cases like that: The monitoring tool handles the control of the relevant services and processes in the directory and in the files that restart the services, stop processes or initiate a notification of the administrator by e-mail.

WEKA sites in Kissing and in Vienna have deployed a powerful fax server solution each, which integrates into the available IT-and PBX-structure seamlessly

The Technical Realization

At the WEKA-corporations at the site in Kissing, the unified messaging software is installed with IXI-UMS Kernel in Version 5.7 with four channels on a central Exchange 2003 Server under Windows XP. The sites in Kissing and Vienna are equipped with about 650 PCs – desktop PCs from HP and laptops from Toshiba. The outbound message transport of the IXI-UMS Server is realized via Dialogic Diva Server 4 BRI ISDN-boards. The system in Kissing communicates with an Avaya PBX. The IXI-UMS Kernel takes care of the reception and the conversion of the UMS-messages. The delivery to the respective workstation at both sites is done via the IXI-UMS Exchange 2003 Connector for the connection to Microsoft Exchange and theMS Outlook mailboxes. At WEKA-publishers in Vienna, the connection to the PBX-platform Cisco CallManager is realized via the IXI-UMS VoIPconnect module via H.323, which is applied for the service Fax with two channels. The technical realization proceeded without any problems and the installation of the IXI-UMS components was finished within one day. WEKA has been using IXI-UMS for several years now and is very satisfied with serVonic’s software. “The system still runs very stable, the effort is low,” Ralf Burkelz, IT-Security Manager at WEKA Service GmbH, summarizes. “Moreover, the changeover to IP for the site in Vienna was no problem at all.” The integration of IXI-UMS into the MS Exchange-architecture allows the employees to make use of the software without any effort in a special training.


Increasing efficiency, time- and cost-savings are the keywords, with which the advantages of the unified messaging solution IXI-UMS can be described best. With IXI-UMS, the WEKA-corporations at the sites in Kissing and Vienna have a future-proof fax server solution at their disposal that integrates seamlessly into the available IT- and PBX-structure and makes the grade of a modern company. “All in all, we were able to reduce costs and optimize the communication processes in our company by means of the simplified and time-saving fax sending,” Ralf Burkelz sums up. At the moment, there are no concrete plans for future enhancements for further corporations of WEKA Business Information; however, a connection of more sites is quite conceivable.

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