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Faxing at the PC-Workstation

serVonic IXI-UMS at WEKA Service GmbH

by Giuseppe Palmieri | serVonic GmbH | Public Relations

Especially in the services sector, the close relationship of the customer to the company is an important factor. Smooth communication processes are decisive here: Requests and purchase orders must be processed reliably, quickly and competently. The unified messaging solution IXI-UMS from serVonic allows this perfectly. Because of an out of date fax solution and the aspired optimization of the workflow in the company, WEKA Service GmbH, IT-provider of the international specialized publisher group WEKA Business Information, decided to deploy the fax server solution of the Olching-based software manufacturer. At the head office in Kissing and at the site in Vienna, faxes can be sent and received directly at the PC-workstation like e-mails with IXI-UMS.

WEKA Service GmbH in Kissing. Source: WEKA Service GmbH

WEKA Service GmbH / WEKA Business Information

WEKA Service GmbH as Shared Service Center supports the corporations of WEKA Business Information in the areas of order- and customer-management, payroll accounting, bookkeeping and technology. WEKA Business Information is the specialist information branch of the entire WEKA group of companies founded in 1973 as a conventional publishing company in Kissing near Augsburg. 13 corporations and types of publishers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France nowadays offer their target groups from the areas technology, management, construction, administration, dentistry, law and taxes under the umbrella of WEKA Business Information multimedia-based specialist information solutions. The publishers incorporated in the technical information division employ more than 900 employees and generated a turnover of 136 million Euro in 2008. WEKA orporation with a total turnover of 222 million Euro (1219 employees) is owned by family Muetzel.

Ralf Burkelz, IT-Security Manager at WEKA Service GmbH. Source: WEKA Service GmbH

The Requirements

The decision for an up to date fax server solution was made for several reasons: First of all, it was important to find a solution that makes the receipt of orders fast and efficient. This means that the employees should be able to send and receive faxes directly at their workstation via Outlook. IXI-UMS from serVonic fulfills these requirements. serVonic’s solution has already been deployed successfully at the WEKA-corporations at the site in Kissing for several years. At WEKA, they only have good things to say about the fax server solution. “We are totally satisfied with IXI-UMS. The sending and the reception of the faxes directly via Outlook convinced us, so we wouldn’t want to withhold this from our colleagues in Vienna,“ says Ralf Burkelz, IT Security Manager at WEKA Service GmbH. The Austrian subsidiary WEKA-Verlag GmbH deployed an out of date fax solution that could not be updated. The old system could not have communicated with the IP-based PBX, so in 2008, the persons in charge decided to install IXI-UMS in Vienna as well as in Kissing. Ralf Burkelz gets to the point: “IXI-UMS allows working more efficiently. In addition to that, we managed to check the overflow of paper. This saves us time and also money.“

The Solution

serVonic’s IXI-UMS is add-on software that adds features like Fax, SMS, Voice Box and remote inquiry to available systems. The flexible solution integrates into the existing IT- and PBX-structure smoothly. Different third-party systems can be connected to an IXI-UMS system in parallel operation by means of the IXI-UMS Connector-architecture. The system executes all the system-independent tasks: dial-up and acceptance of calls, control of the fax- or communication-hardware and the lines, take-over of the documents from the Connectors, rendering of the documents, headline generation, queue management, priority control as well as log file and creation of individual reports. The entire communication between messaging system and IXI-UMS system is based on standards: For the sending and the reception of e-mails and therewith also of UMS-messages, serVonic’s unified messaging solution communicates with the messaging system via Integrating Connectors via SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). The check of the user addresses and permissions is done via LDAP-queries in the respective directories. The user data can be deposited in the Active Directory or in any LDAP-directory. For the outbound communication, IXI-UMS can communicate with conventional ISDN PBX’s as well as with VoIP-based ones. The modular design of the unified messaging solution allows applying the provided services – Fax, Voice, SMS and remote inquiry – individually or together. The services are available to the user at the PC-workstation, within the user interface he is accustomed to. He does not have to learn a new program; the added features can be used intuitively. The IXI-UMS functionality follows a fixed schema: the administration of all the incoming and outgoing fax messages is realized via the respective mail client, in this case via Microsoft Outlook at both the sites. The creation of all the outgoing fax messages is analogue to the sending of e-mails. The respective message can be entered directly as text in the body or attached as Word-document, for example. The addressing is controlled via the recipient field: The user just has to enter the fax number of the recipient plus the respective ending (e.g. “@fax.weka.de“). The IXI-UMS software takes care of the processing of the respective file. The billing of the fax sending is done via the respective charge unit of the sender, just like with the telephone charges. All the incoming faxes are processed by serVonic’s solution accordingly and are available to the employees as e-mail with attachment via the regular mail client. [more]


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Short Summary

HP DC7800, Toshiba
Dialogic Diva Server 4 BRI

Cisco CallManager

MS Exchange 2003 Server

MS Windows XP
IXI-UMS Version 5.7 / 5.75
IXI-UMS VoIPconnect
IXI-UMS Ex 2003 Connector


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