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Unified Messaging Centrally at the SAP-System, Locally at Microsoft Exchange

serVonic IXI-UMS in Use Europe-Wide at Voith AG (part 2)

At Voith AG, the single sites work via a central SAP R/3 system

The Technical Realization

At Voith AG, the unified messaging software with IXI-UMS Kernel Version 5.7 is installed on two machines at the headquarters and on six machines altogether worldwide under Windows Server 2003. Both the HP-machines in Heidenheim with Windows Server 2003 are equipped with eight channels each. The outbound message transfer of the IXI-UMS Server works via ISDN-boards of the series Diva Server from Dialogic, which are connected with a PBX-system network consisting of Siemens HiPath and Avaya. In St. Poelten, a Cisco CallManager is applied. The IXI-UMS Kernel takes care of reception and conversion of the messages, the delivery to the appropriate workstation is realized via the respective IXI-UMS Connectors. They connect the IXI-UMS Kernel with the corresponding Exchange Server. The storage and maintenance of the user data is done by LDAP-query. A very important factor is the connection of the IXI-UMS fax feature with the central SAP R/3 system in Heidenheim. 1.500 to 3.000 faxes are sent daily via SAP R/3 and the UM-solution of serVonic. The central concept for SAP R/3 is retained, the installation of an own Connector for use with SAP® R/3® at the different sites is not necessary.

The technical realization of the IXI-UMS components proceeded quickly – last but not least because of the effective support of serVonic’s support team on-site. The connection to Siemens HiPath and in St. Poelten to Cisco CallManager caused no problems; with Avaya, a connection over IP was considered at the beginning. However, in order to avoid the higher implementation effort, the conventional Q-SIG variant with ISDN-board was chosen in the end. The installation of the IXI-UMS components finally was completed within one day. In the matter of implementation, administration and maintenance of the IXI-UMS solution in Exchange 2003 environment, the project managers of Voith IT Solutions GmbH had already been trained at serVonic’s site previously. Due to the complete integration of the IXI-UMS software from serVonic into the Exchange architecture, the users at Voith AG can make use of the software without a specific training.

The company building of Voith AG in Heidenheim. Source: Voith AG


Voith AG as a dynamic enterprise is in the planning phase at the moment. Thanks to the efficiency of the applied solution from serVonic, future extensions have already been tackled. The further plannings of Voith AG focus on the connection of more sites by means of IXI-UMS Message Distribution Server. For the site St. Poelten, a changeover of the connection to Cisco CallManager via IXI-UMS VoIPconnect is considered. More than 270 sites for production, sales, service and industry services world-wide are distributed to all the continents. There are sites in Canada, the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and in the whole Asian-Pacific area.


With IXI-UMS, Voith AG has realized a communication solution that fulfills the requirements of a world-wide operating concern, which extends the available Exchange- and SAP-systems in a reasonable way and communicates with the Siemens, Cisco and Avaya PBX’s at the different sites. The unified messaging solution is seamlessly integrated in the available IT- and PBX-environment and provides the users – depending on the site – with the additional features Fax, Voice and SMS within the regular user interface in Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007.

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