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Unified Communication on the Advance

serVonic IXI-UMS and IXI-Call in Productive Use at Stadt Bottrop

serVonic’s third party CTI-solution IXI-Call provides the user with various features such as alternation, consultation, conference call, starting phone calls directly out of data bases or Contacts, identification of incoming calls, journaling of all the calls as well as group features like status monitor, instant messaging or out of the office. All the features thereby are controlled directly from the PC. Therewith, an effective and customer-oriented telephony is possible without having to use expensive feature-added telephones. In addition to the common telephony features, IXI-Call offers the user the following features: The user e.g. can start calls directly out of any application or the internet by means of a predefinedkey-combination, the hotkey. In order to do so, he marks the respective phone number in an e-mail or on a website and starts the call via hotkey-dialing. When the user receives a call, a contact window with the caller data pops up automatically on the screen even before he accepts the call. In order to organize his calls professionally, the user can schedule them for resubmission and plan them accordingly. He receives a reminder on schedule via the respective client and then can start the call directly. The telephone journal contains all the calls – incoming, outgoing and missed ones – which then can be processed in the journal comfortably. By means of the status monitor, the members of a predefined group can see who is busy on the phone or whose telephone is ringing. When the user wants to call a colleague or pick up the call of a colleague, he just has to click on the respective button in the status monitor. In addition to that, all the participants can send instant messages to each other via the status monitor. The out of the office indication allows the user to inform his colleagues that he is out ofthe office. He can deposit further information like e.g. the reason and the duration of this absence. In order to guarantee an optimized access to the data bases, all the data from different data sources are summarized and filed in the IXI-Call MetaDirectory.

The Use

At the municipality of Stadt Bottrop, the unified messaging solution IXI-UMS runs under the messaging system Novell GroupWise and is used by 300 employees altogether, the service Fax is available to 200 of them. The feature Fax is mainly used for the sending of assessments, ordering and requests for quotation. The service Voice as well is used by about 200 employees. The messages in the voice box can be listened to by PC-loudspeaker or telephone. In addition to that, 20 employees use the service Mobile in order to intercept their voice mails. The messages in part are processed from on the way, e.g. deleted or answered. By deploying IXI-UMS, several improvements have been achieved, primarily a simplified document management by fax: The sending of assessments, ordering and requests for quotation etc. can be handled from the workstation directly. In former times, the writing had to be printed in order to be able to send it from the fax machine. The comfortable fax sending and reception as well as the interception of voice mails by means of GroupWise Mail Client are some of the highlights of the unified messaging solution for the municipality. The third party CTI-solution IXI-Call is used by 300 employees at Stadt Bottrop. The target is to make the telephony at the authority more efficient. In Bottrop, numerous features are used in terms of telephony: easy dialing, hotkey dialing, caller identification, status monitor and out of the office indication are used regularly. IXI-Call is connected to the Novell eDirectory data base via LDAP. Before introducing serVonic’s CTI-software, the business processes had been handled by means of feature-added telephones. The main improvements and highlights of IXI-Call for the users at Stadt Bottrop are the hotkey dialing, the possible logging of the calls, individual destination numbers and the simplified contact search and call feature directly out of the central LDAP eDirectory phone book.

The Technical Realization

At the municipality in Bottrop, the unified messaging software is installed with IXI-UMS Kernel Version 5.7 with 8 channels on a HP DL320 machine running under Windows Server 2003. Furthermore, the Kernel-enhancement MWI is deployed. By means of Message Waiting Indication, new voice mails are signaled on the display of the telephone. The system communicates with the PBX-platform Cisco Unified Communications Manager. IXI-UMS Client Tools installed onsite are available to the employees in order to support them with their daily working routine. The users therewith can send faxes via the IXI-UMS printer driver directly out of any application. The IXI-UMS Kernel takes care of the reception and the conversion of the messages, the delivery to the respective client is realized via the respective Connector, here via the IXI-UMS SMTP Connector for the connection to Novell GroupWise. The filing and administration of the user data is handled by LDAP-query. The third party CTI-solution IXI-Call is server-based; this means all the clients connected to the LAN can make use of computer-aided call management, integrated in GroupWise. IXI-Call Server and IXI-Call Clients are connected to the PBX Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The telephones are not connected with the computer directly: Via the CTI Server that communicates with the PBX, all the telephony features are available at the PC-workstations within the regular environment. The installation of the IXI-UMS components including server installation, GroupWise-integration, eDirectory connection and configuration of the user workstations took two days. The technical realization proceeded without any problems. The installation of the IXI-Call components also lasted two days. By means of the full integration of serVonic’s IXI-UMS and IXI-Call software into the GroupWise-architecture, the users at Stadt Bottrop can handle the software without any special training.



The municipality Bottrop is already planning future enhancements: The number of the IXI-UMS and IXI-Call users shall be upgraded continuously. In the field of CTI, an additional goal is to provide IXI-Call at every VoIP-workstation. Time saving, cost savings and increase of efficiency: these are the keywords, with that the advantages of unified messaging and Computer Telephony Integration can be described best. Thanks to the unified messaging solution IXI-UMS and the CTI-software IXI-Call from serVonic, flexible and future-proof communication solutions have been realized at the municipality Bottrop, which meet the requirements of a modern authority.

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