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Unified Communication on the Advance

serVonic IXI-UMS and IXI-Call in Productive Use at Stadt Bottrop

by Giuseppe Palmieri | serVonic GmbH | Public Relations

Unified Communication is the new keyword in terms of modern company- and authority-communication. Aim is to improve the communication processes and optimize the workflow in companies and authorities by bringing together all the communication services. Unified messaging is a part of this entire concept and describes a procedure that unifies all the messages – e-mails, faxes, voice mails and short messages (SMS) – within one user interface. The user can administer all sorts of messages at the PC comfortably. In addition to that, the messages can also be accessed from on the way by telephone or mobile phone easily. Platforms for asynchronous communication like offered by unified messaging solutions can be extended with additional features like conferencing, instant messaging and presence management to Unified Communications. Synchronous communication like Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) offers the real-time service telephony by computer-aided call management. Therewith, all the telephony features are available directly at the workstation PC. In order to get in contact with the about 120.000 residents of the city of Bottrop in a highly non-bureaucratic way, the municipality as a modern service provider relies on a modern information- and communication-technology. At this point, serVonic’s Unified Communication solutions with IXI-UMS for Unified Messaging and IXI-Call for Computer Telephony Integration come into operation.

The city hall of Bottrop. Source: Stadt Bottrop

The Requirements

In September 2006, the PBX Cisco CallManager on VoIP-basis was set up. In the course of this changeover and in order to improve the information flow and the availability, the municipality had been searching for flexible solutions, which are designed modularly and can be integrated into the existing system environment smoothly. It is important to be able to realize an interface to the messaging system Novell GroupWise and to the Novell eDirectory data base. In addition to that, a CTI-solution had to be found that enables a journaling of all the phone calls at the desktop. Stadt Bottrop placed an order with the system vendor xevIT net works in Cologne, which offers serVonic’s software solutions as strategic products. The excellent price/performance-ratio convinced the responsible persons of the municipality. One of the crucial factors was the flexibility of the solution that allowed making a start with few users.

Stefan Bingel, Account Manager at xevIT net works. Source: xevIT net works

xevIT net works

xevIT net works is a medium-sized system vendor in the network environment, which is concentrated on the branches computer centers, municipalities, small and medium-sized businesses, financial service providers and hospitals. Thecompany offers industry-sector-specific communication solutions, which add to extending its position in the market. “We are one of the leading providers of IP-based, convergent communication solutions developed in co-operation with Cisco Systems. The flexibility of our medium-sized company in combination with Cisco Systems as world market leader for network technology offers our customers a maximum of security in the field of communication and adds to the optimization of the business processes in companies and authorities,” explains Stefan Bingel, Account Manager at xevIT net works Cologne.

The Solutions

serVonic IXI-UMS is an add-on software that adds the unified messaging features Fax, SMS, Voice Box and Mobile (remote inquiry) to the available systems. From the technical point of view, IXI-UMS messages are nothing more than e-mails: Faxes are e-mails with graphical attachment, e.g. PDF, voice mails are e-mails with voice file attachment, e.g. WAV and short messages (SMS) are e-mails with text in the e-mail body. Incoming messages are processed by the UM-solution accordingly and provided to the user as e-mails with attachment in the regular interface. The IXI-UMS Connector-architecture allows connecting different third party systems with an IXI-UMS system, which executes all the system-independent tasks. This includes dial-up and disconnect, control of the fax- or communication-hardware and the lines, transfer of the documents by the Connectors, rendering of the documents, generation of the heading, queue- and priority-management as well as the creation of log files and single reports. The entire communication between messaging system and IXI-UMS system is standard-based: For the sending and the reception of e-mails and therewith also the IXI-UMS messages, serVonic’s unified messaging solution communicates via Integrating Connectors. The check of the user addresses and permissions is realized via LDAP-queries in the respective directories. The user data can be stored in the Active Directory or any LDAP-directory, here in the Novell eDirectory. For the outbound communication, IXI-UMS can communicate with conventional ISDN PBX’s as well as with VoIP-based ones. The unified messaging services Fax, Voice and remote inquiry deployed at Stadt Bottrop can be operated separately or together – due to the modular design of the system – and are available to the users within the user interface they are accustomed to. The user does not have to learn a new program; the new features can be used intuitively. [weiter]


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Short Summary

HP DL320
Dialogic Diva Server ISDN-

Cisco UC Manager 6.0

Novell GroupWise

MS Windows Server 2003
IXI-UMS Kernel 5.7
IXI-UMS Voice 
IXI-UMS Mobile
IXI-UMS SMTP Connector
IXI-Call MetaDirectory


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