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Fax Server Virtualization and Open Source PBX

serVonic IXI-UMS at the Printing House "Druckerei C.H. Beck" (part 2)

Fax server virtualization at C.H. Beck: IXI-UMS collaborates with the Open Source PBX Asterisk under VMware via SIP

The Technical Realization

At “Druckerei C.H. Beck”, the unified messaging software is deployed with IXI-UMS Kernel in version 5.75 with four channels on a virtual server under Windows XP Professional. The Exchange Server 2003 runs virtually under VMware ESX 3.5 on Windows Server 2003. Since the successful migration from ISDN to IP at the end of 2008, the system communicates with the Open Source PBX-platform Asterisk. The connection to the IP-based Asterisk PBX is realized with the IXI-UMS VoIPconnect module via SIP. The IXI-UMS Kernel takes care of the reception and conversion of the messages, the delivery to the respective workstation is handled via the IXI-UMS Exchange 2003 Connector in Noerdlingen. The users work on Windows Terminal Server. In the matter of Kernel enhancements, the extended user look-up is in use at “Druckerei C.H. Beck” additionally. The online installation of the IXI-UMS components could be completed by serVonic’s support team within two days, thanks to the support by telephone. Marcus Faas summarizes: “We are very satisfied with the changeover to IP, this definitely was the right step. serVonic’s solution has convinced us completely.”


The long-term deployment of IXI-UMS at “Druckerei C.H. Beck” – via IP with Asterisk since the migration in 2008 – reflects the satisfaction with serVonic’s solution. The realization of the migration project went off smoothly and illustrates, that with a standard-based architecture like in serVonic’s IXI-UMS, flexibility and future reliability are no contradiction. With IXI-UMS, the workflow in the printing house could be made more efficient, the communication processes have been accelerated and optimized in terms of costs. The fax server solution integrates in the respective IT- and PBX-environment smoothly and meets the requirements of a modern company.

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