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Fax Server Virtualization and Open Source PBX

serVonic IXI-UMS at the Printing House "Druckerei C.H. Beck

by Giuseppe Palmieri | serVonic GmbH | Public Relations

The fax server solution IXI-UMS from serVonic has been used at the “Druckerei C.H. Beck” for many years. At the end of 2008, the head office in Noerdlingen successfully migrated from ISDN to IP. The conventional PBX was replaced by a VoIP-based Asterisk PBX. serVonic’s software now communicates with the Open Source PBX-platform via SIP. IXI-UMS enables the sending and the reception of faxes directly at the PC-workstation within the regular messaging environment: This saves time and money and optimizes the communication processes at the company.

The old building of "Druckerei C.H. Beck" in Noerdlingen. Source: Druckerei C.H. Beck

Printing House "Druckerei C.H. Beck"

If one is talking about major German publishing houses, one name must not miss: C.H. Beck. With more than 7.000 available works, about 50 professional journals and an annual production of more than 1.000 new publications, the publishing house nowadays is one of the major and well-established companies of its guild. The business activities of the 1.700 employees of the group of companies with numerous sites in the German-speaking countries as well as in Eastern Europe cover the consulting and support of the entire publishing environment.The “Druckerei C.H. Beck” founded in 1763 by Carl Gottlob Beck with its head office in Noerdlingen developed into a high-tech printing house, which is specialized in the manufacturing of books, loose-leaf works, magazines and electronic publications. The printing office produces 26 million books annually – from paperback to editions in several volumes. The company also made a name for the production of professional journals. About 14 million saddle-stitched products are fabricated per year, which are stitched, addressed and sent from the in-house bindery. In Noerdlingen, there are 420 employees all in all.

Marcus Faas, IT-administrator at C.H. Beck. Source: Druckerei C.H. Beck

Requirements and Use

The Swabian printing house proved farsightedness early. The decision in favor of the unified messaging solution IXI-UMS from serVonic was made in Noerdlingen already in 1998, together with the introduction of MS Outlook. One decade later, the conventional PBX became obsolete: In the course of introducing a VoIP-based Asterisk PBX, the migration from ISDN to IP was successfully realized at the end of 2008. “The costs for the old PBX just were too high. IXI-UMS communicates well with our VoIP-based PBX and perfectly integrates into the existing system environment”, says Marcus Faas, IT-administrator at “Druckerei C.H. Beck”. “We have decided for IXI-UMS, because the product fulfills all of out requirements“. The service Fax is used by 50 employees in Noerdlingen: 25 faxes are sent daily on the average, and about 60 faxes are received. The fax feature is mainly used for sales and ordering issues. “One of the essential highlights of IXI-UMS is the fact that we were able to virtualize completely via SIP by the fax server in combination with the VoIPconnect module“, Marcus Faas praises the flexibility of the solution.


The Solution

serVonic’s IXI-UMS is add-on software that adds the unified messaging features Fax, SMS, Voice Box and remote inquiry to available systems. From the technical point of view, IXI-UMS messages are nothing else than e-mails: Faxes are e-mails with graphical attachment, e.g. PDF, voice mails are e-mails with voice-file attachment, e.g. WAV, short messages (SMS) are e-mails with text in the body. Incoming messages are processed by the UM-solution accordingly and are provided to the user as e-mail with attachment – within the user interface he is accustomed to. With outgoing messages, it is the other way round: When the user wants to send a fax, he can create the document usual and send it by SMTP. This then is processed by serVonic’s solution and sent as fax afterwards.By means of the IXI-UMS Connector-architecture, different third-party systems can be connected with an IXI-UMS System in parallel operation, which executes all the system-independent tasks: Dial-up and call acceptance, control of the fax- or communication-hardware and the lines, transfer of the documents from the Connectors, rendering of the documents, headline generation, control of the queue, priority management as well as log file and single sending reports. The entire communication between messaging system and IXI-UMS system is based on standards: For the sending and the reception of e-mails and therewith also for UM-messages, serVonic’s IXI-UMS communicates via Integrating Connectors. The check of the user addresses and permissions is done via LDAP-queries in the respective directories. The user data can be stored in the Active Directory or in any LDAP-directory. For the outbound communication, IXI-UMS can communicate with conventional ISDN PBX’s as well as with VoIP-based ones. The services provided by the unified messaging solution – Fax, Voice, SMS and remote inquiry – can be applied separately or altogether and are available to the user within his regular user interface like e.g. Microsoft Outlook. The user does not have to learn a new program; he can make use of the added features intuitively. IXI-UMS from serVonic basically can be installed as unified messaging- or fax server-solution on Windows systems or on virtual servers like VMware, Citrix XenServer or Microsoft Hyper-V. IXI-UMS Kernel, services, Connectors and VoIPconnect module can be combined with each other just as one likes and can be distributed to virtual machines with Windows operating system.[more]

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Short Summary

Virtueal Server
VMware ESX 3.5


MS Exchange 2003 Server

IXI-UMS Kernel 5.75
IXI-UMS VoIPconnect
IXI-UMS Ex 2003 Connector


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