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Seamless Integration into IBM Lotus Domino


serVonic IXI-UMS and IXI-Call at Kappenberger + Braun (part 3)

At the head office in Cham, serVonic’s IXI-UMS and IXI-Call are seamlessly integrated into the IBM Lotus Domino/Notes architecture. Source: serVonic GmbH

The Technical Realization

At Kappenberger + Braun, the IXI-UMS software and the IXI-Call software with IXI-UMS Kernel in Version 5.75 with four channels is installed on an HP Server under Windows Server 2003. IBM Lotus Domino runs on a separate x3850 IBM System. The outbound message transfer of the IXI-UMS and IXI-Call Server is handled via ISDN-boards of the series Diva Server from Dialogic, which are connected to the PBX-platform Siemens HiPath 4000. The IXI-UMS Kernel takes care of the reception and conversion of the messages, the delivery to the respective workstation is realized via the IXI-UMS Domino Connector at the head office in Cham. The installation of the IXI-UMS components was finished quickly. Martin Purschke is satisfied: “The technical realization went without any problems.” IXI-Call Server and IXI-Call Clients are connected to the PBX HiPath 4000 as well. Due to the complete integration of the IXI-UMS and IXI-Call Software from serVonic into the IBM Lotus Domino/Notes architecture, the employees at K+B can make use of the software without a special effort in training. Martin Purschke summarizes: “We made a good choice and are prepared well for future technical enhancements.”


With the successful operation of the fax server solution IXI-UMS and the CTI-solution IXI-Call, several improvements could be achieved at the head office in Cham: The communication processes at Kappenberger + Braun have been accelerated, what has made the customer service more effective. Another plus factor are the remarkable time savings. The seamless integration of IXI-UMS and IXI-Call into the existing IT- and PBX-structure apparently shows that the applied serVonic-solutions meet the needs of a modern company in terms of flexible and future-proof communication solutions.

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