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Seamless Integration into IBM Lotus Domino

serVonic IXI-UMS and IXI-Call at Kappenberger + Braun

by Guiseppe Palmieri | serVonic GmbH | Public Relations

In order to make the business processes more efficient and to improve the customer service, the electric installation company Kappenberger + Braun in 2008 decided to deploy the fax server solution IXI-UMS and the CTI-solution IXI-Call from serVonic. Successfully: The seamless integration into the IBM-system guarantees time savings and accelerates the communication processes at the company. Whereas IXI-UMS allows the sending and the reception of faxes directly at the PC-workstation within the regular environment with IBM Lotus Notes Client, IXI-Call offers the real-time service telephony by computer-aided call management.


Kappenberger + Braun is a medium-sized company located in Cham and is one of the leading electric installation companies in Germany and one of the biggest in Bavaria. The company founded by Josef Kappenberger and Michael Braun in 1960 is active in retail as well as in the segments electrical engineering in the assets area, communication- and security-technology, network- and data-technology, measurement technology, control engineering and building services engineering. Main focus of the internationally operating company with numerous sites in German-speaking countries as well as in the Czech Republic are electrical installations from small projects up to complex large installations. The second business area covers the K+B expert power stores and the appropriate services. Nowadays, more than 800 employees in Germany and 480 in the Czech Republic are employed at Kappenberger + Braun. K+B E-Tech GmbH & Co. KG is Authorized Sales Partner of serVonic.

Martin Purschke, EDP-Networking and Telecommunication at Kappenberger + Braun. Source: K+B E-Tech GmbH & Co. KG

Requirements and Use

The decision for purchasing flexible communication solutions was made by Kappenberger + Braun at the end of 2008. Software products of serVonic then became the solutions of choice. With the implementation of the fax server solution IXI-UMS and the CTI-solution IXI-Call, the declared objective was to achieve an increase of efficiency and an optimization of the workflow. “In the first instance, we were interested in improving the workflow,” says Martin Purschke, Project Manager EDP-Networking and Telecommunication at K+B E-Tech GmbH & Co. KG. “One important decision criterion surely was the integration into IBM Lotus Domino.“ The installations have been finished at the beginning of 2009. serVonic’s solutions are used at the head office and at an expert market in Bavarian Cham since. Martin Purschke explains: “It was important to us to find solutions with low installation effort. This is the reason why we decided in favor of serVonic.” The fax server solution IXI-UMS is used by more than 80 employees in Cham. The sending and the reception of faxes are handled comfortably from the PC, directly in the regular e-mail client IBM Lotus Notes. All the incoming faxes are forwarded to the respective addressees by the clerical staff at the departments. The fax feature is used for ordering sporadically. In addition to the fax service, 35 employees use the telephony solution IXI-Call. [weiter]


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Short Summary

HP / IBM System x3850
Dialogic Diva Server BRI-2M PCI

Siemens HiPath 4000

IBM Lotus Domino 8.5

MS Windows Server 2003
IXI-UMS Kernel 5.75
IXI-UMS Domino Connector


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