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Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sports

Unified Messaging System at Hessen Corporate Network (HCN)

Within the scope of the project HCN, the e-mail communication of approx. 50.000 employees of the Hessian state government will be guaranteed in a highly available Microsoft Exchange cluster environment. The performance range of this Exchange environment will be expanded by a central unified messaging solution.

Together with the contractual partner Siemens ICN, the solution IXI-UMS of the Olching-based software company serVonic was chosen. IXI-UMS seamlessly integrates in the Microsoft Exchange cluster environment and the complex security architecture of HCN.

The first stage includes the provision of fax and SMS services to the employees. At a later stage, the functionalities are to be expanded by voicemail and CTI services.

The project development, realization and operation are the task of the central IT service provider of the federal state of Hesse, the Hessian central office for data processing (HZD).

IXI-UMS completely covers the demanding requirements of the entire architecture with its performance features. These include:

·    the seamless integration in the existing Microsoft Exchange cluster environment

·    a Single Store architecture (no double data storage, primary memory for all the messages is Microsoft Exchange)

·    support of several Active Directory domains

·    distinct flexibility and good scalability (expansion and installation of the individual UMS-components according to the need)

·    high availability: support of fail-over mechanisms, concept of multiple computers, load balancing and control

·    support of the telecommunication installations used in the federal state of Hesse: Siemens HiPath 4000, HiPath 8000


Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sports


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