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Migration from ISDN to IP

serVonic’s Fax Server Solution at the Computer Center itsc (part 2)

The company building of itsc GmbH in Hanover.

The Use

The service Fax is used by 200 employees at itsc, who send 30 faxes daily on the average. The priority feature for the fax sending is used for the management exclusively. This feature allows marking faxes according to their importance and sending them with priority “High” or “Low” accordingly. “We make use of the additional fax sending priority option regularly, depending on how important the respective information is for our management,” Patricia Rudmann explains. Mail merge faxes with low priority, for example, that way can be sent during the low-cost tariff time during the night. The number of received fax messages, however, is much higher: between 500 and 1.500 per day are received at the computer center. The IT-system administrator remarks: “Before deploying IXI-UMS, the fax reception was handled via external fax machines. Without serVonic’s UMS-solution, we hardly had been able to cope with the increasing amount of incoming faxes.” In the area of GKV-Service, which is responsible in the matter of services for health insurance funds, IXI-UMS for example is used for the exchange of modification applications and further fund-specific documents. About 800 users nationwide work with the unified messaging solution, mainly for the communication with customers, fax-actions or to digitize documents in written form. The functionality of the fax server solution is executed according to fixed rules: The administration of all the incoming and outgoing fax messages at itsc GmbH is executed via the used mail client Microsoft Outlook 2003. The creation of all the outgoing messages is realized analog to the sending of e-mails. The respective message can be entered as text directly in the body or can be attached as document, e.g. a Word-file. The addressing is controlled via the “To”-field. For this, only the fax number of the recipient including the respective ending (e.g. „@fax.itsc.de“) must be entered. The IXI-UMS software takes care of the processing of the respective file. Analog to the telephone charges, the costs for the fax sending are charged via the respective cost center of the sender. The large amount of incoming fax messages is processed by serVonic’s solution accordingly and is provided to the employees as e-mail with attachment in their regular mail client. Some of the aspired improvements of the business processes by deploying the fax server solution are primarily an optimization of the fax reception, an improved access control and the simplification of the workflow. Highlights of serVonic’s solution for the users are the user friendliness, the comfortable fax sending and reception and all in all that it rigorously reduced the quantity of paper.Anyone who is in charge of a UM-system wants to ensure the perfect functionality of the system. In order to guarantee high availability, the necessary measures must be initiated immediately in states of emergency. In Hanover, the monitoring tool IXI-Inspector is installed for this: At the computer center, the monitoring tool controls the relevant services and processes in the directory and in the files, it can restart services and stop processes or initiate a notification of the administrator by e-mail.

The computer center in Hanover operates a powerful fax server solution, which integrates into the existing IT- and PBX-environment seamlessly.

The Technical Realization

Early in 2003, a successful test installation was started in Hanover with 2 channels and 100 users, which was extended to 8 channels and 200 users in August 2007, in the course of the migration from ISDN to IP. At the itsc head office, the unified messaging software with IXI-UMS Kernel in Version 5.7 with 8 channels is installed on a Fujitsu Siemens RX200 machine under Windows Server 2003. The outbound message transport of the IXI-UMS Server was handled via Dialogic Diva Server ISDN-boards until the migration to IP. The system works with the PBX-platform Cisco CallManager since 2007. The connection to the IP-based Cisco PBX is realized via the IXI-UMS VoIPconnect module via H.323, which is deployed at itsc GmbH for the service Fax with 8 channels. The IXI-UMS Client Tools installed on-site run under Citrix MetaFrame and are available to the employees in order to simplify their daily working routine. The users therewith can send faxes via the IXI-UMS printer driver out of any application and make use of the Microsoft Word mail merge feature also for mail merge faxes. As serVonic’s software integrated into the existing system environment smoothly, the installation of the IXI-UMS components took only a few hours. “We had no problems at all with IXI-UMS. The coordination of the Voice Gateways with the Cisco CallManager and the previous determination of the line sizes, however, were more complicated”, Patricia Rudmann describes the technical realization. Martin Behmann completely agrees: “The implementation and changeover ran smoothly. Conclusion: A good decision.”


The itsc in Hanover has already been using IXI-UMS for several years – via IP with Cisco CallManager since 2007 – and is highly satisfied with serVonic’s software and the technical support. The successful changeover from ISDN to IP illustrates how flexible and future-proof serVonic’s solution is. The advantages of the fax server solution are obvious: The reduction of the enormous quantity of paper realized with IXI-UMS contributes to an optimization of the workflow at the company. Due to the efficiency of the deployed solution, future enhancements are getting started: The IT service provider for compulsory health insurance funds is planning the connection of additional sites and further customers. With the operation of IXI-UMS, the itsc has the chance to hold its ground in the market competition successfully by accelerating the information exchange, optimize it in terms of costs and make it much more professional. The computer center has a high-performance fax server solution at its disposal, which integrates in the existing IT- and PBX-structure seamlessly.

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