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Migration from ISDN to IP

serVonic’s Fax Server Solution at the Computer Center itsc

by Giuseppe Palmieri | serVonic GmbH | Public Relations

In order to make the communication processes at the company more efficient and to get the high fax traffic under control, the company itsc GmbH in the year 2003 decided to deploy a fax server solution. They chose the software solution IXI-UMS from the software manufacturer serVonic GmbH. Mid-2007, the computer center in Hanover successfully migrated from ISDN to IP. Since then, serVonic’s software communicates with the PBX-platform Cisco CallManager via H.323. The itsc provides IT-solutions for the compulsory health insurance (CHI) around the information system in the CHI. The spectrum of services goes from the provision of the hardware infrastructure to computer performance, consulting and customer service.

Martin Behmann, CEO of itsc GmbH. Source: itsc GmbH

itsc GmbH

At the end of the 1990s, visionaries of the national association of company health insurance funds of the state of Lower Saxony and Hesse and the chairman of the trade guild sickness fund Lower Saxony in Hanover teamed up in order to found a future-proof computer center. The declared objective was to provide company health insurance funds a qualified data processing. On the basis of modern technology, the “Computer Center of the Future” should take over the entire data processing and the administration of the participating health insurance funds and offer attractive and competitive services. The “InformationsTechnologieServiceCenter GmbH” (itsc GmbH) took shape. The company founded in 1999 – with its head office in Hanover – is a capable IT service provider and competent contact in the fields of system technology and specialist counseling. That way, health insurance funds have a large variety of IT-services at their disposal also for the standardized application of PC-workstations and servers. A nationwide network on the basis of the latest technologies completes the portfolio of services. Currently, 350 employees at the sites Hanover (head office), Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Magdeburg, Obernkirchen and Stuttgart are employed. At the moment, the itsc works for about 80 different types of health insurance funds with more than 5 million members all over Germany. With a turnover of more than 26 million Euros, the company is market leader in this segment. On behalf of the funds, the itsc GmbH takes care of more than 10.000 connected devices and about 600 servers. This makes the computer center to one of the most important IT service providers for the ISKV. The basis for the successful development is a wide range of services, which are subject to a permanent quality control and are adjusted to customer requirements. This is guaranteed by a highly qualified team with dedicated commitment and flexibility. Some of the latest itsc-products are document management, Windows Terminal Server services and many more other services for health insurance funds.

The Requirements

“The itsc has grown a lot in the last years. In order to be able to react to customer inquiries or orders as quickly as usual and to reduce the quantity of paper for environmental reasons, we decided in favor of serVonic’s unified messaging solution IXI-UMS”, Martin Behmann, CEO of itsc GmbH, explains the decision criteria. Patricia Rudmann, IT-system administrator at itsc since 2003, had already gained positive experience with serVonic’s UM-solution years before her job change to itsc GmbH. “The fax feature plays a major role for us. It was important to us to reduce the enormous workload in this area and to find a solution that allows the employees to send and receive their faxes directly at their workstation via the PC – within the environment they are accustomed to. The flexible IXI-UMS-solution with its modular design convinced us.” The deployed unified messaging solution should integrate into the available system environment smoothly. IXI-UMS from serVonic fulfills these requirements.

The Solution

serVonic’s IXI-UMS is add-on software, which adds the unified messaging features Fax, SMS, Voice Box and remote inquiry to available systems. The IXI-UMS Connector-architecture allows connecting different third-party systems parallel with an IXI-UMS system, which executes all the system-independent tasks like e.g. dial-up and disconnect, control of the fax- or communication-hardware and the lines, transfer of the documents from the Connectors, rendering of the documents, headline generation, control of the queue, priority management as well as logging and the creation of single sending reports. The entire communication between the messaging system and the IXI-UMS system is standard-based: For the sending and the reception of e-mails and therewith also of UMS-messages, serVonic’s unified messaging solution communicates via Integrating Connectors, at itsc via SMTP with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 via the IXI-UMS Exchange 2003 Connector. The check of the user addresses and permissions is executed via LDAP-queries in the respective directories. The user data can be stored in the Active Directory or in any LDAP-directory. For the outbound communication, IXI-UMS can communicate with conventional ISDN-based PBX’s as well as with VoIP-based ones. The services provided by the unified messaging solution – Fax, Voice, SMS and remote inquiry – can be applied individually or together and are available to the user within the user interface he is accustomed to, e.g. Microsoft Outlook. The user does not have to learn a new program; the added features can be used intuitively.[weiter]



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Short Summary

Fujitsu Siemens RX200
Dialogic Diva Server ISDN-

Cisco CallManager

MS Exchange 2003 Server

MS Windows Server 2003
IXI-UMS Kernel Version 5.7
IXI-UMS VoIPconnect
IXI-UMS Ex 2003 Connector


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